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12 Best First Date Tips For Men

What's up you too Jeff your style of G and on today's article I'm gonna share with you my 12 first date tips if you're new to the blog. I release a new article every week at 4:00 p.m. discussing various men's lifestyle topics such as style dating. I invite you to follow up the blog, so now that first date can be an exciting anxious exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience for you, fella, you definitely want to make a great first impression and with proper planning you definitely will on today's article.

I'm gonna share with you 12 of my best first date tips for men that if you check off most of them on a list you're probably gonna have a great experience with young ladies. Without any further delay let's get into this list of my best 12 first big tips.

First Date Tips that Work

First Date

First date tip number one make sure you take the chores of planning the date here's the thing when you're first getting to know each other you might not know what you want to do asking her what she wants. To do and her asking you what you want to do that is the worst thing that can happen. It will make you appear indecisive which is a big turn-off to the late so grab the bull by the horns and you plan the day after you've done a little recognizance through a couple of conversations. Whether settled on an activity, you both will enjoy and it will make for easier conversation and with that in mind two things.

I don't suggest not a movie or loud concert to be the first time spending with a young lady. You want it to be quiet enough that you can hear each other talking to one of them, pick a place and environment or an activity that will give you enough distraction. You have something to talk about if there's some waning points in the conversation but not too distracting.

Getting to know each other is the main point tip number two along those same lines when planning the date don't be cheap if you can't afford to go somewhere reasonably nice and wait for the next paycheck. Save up a little bit I'm not telling you to go all out on some fancy extravagant dinner but please no penny-pinching and coupons on the first date.

Now this next tip you probably could expect to be coming from this channel make an effort on that first date to be stylish. Now here's the thing I'm not telling you to overdo. It can be overdressed if you want to wear something that's a good representation of your style so if you're not a suit-and-tie guy don't wear a suit and tie. You're not the streetwear, guy don't try to be too hip either. I like to think about if you're going for a night out on the town with your buddies, so wear the best version of that outfit. The key is make some effort. She's gonna make some effort to look good for you.

Try Being not too Worried


I suggest you do the same next up. Let's talk about that cologne if you wear any at all. The problem with Cologne on the first date is you don't know she's allergic to it if she likes it or if your signature scent is too overpowering. I suggest you wear a subtle scent if you're gonna wear a fragrance one that's not projecting too much, or one that enters the room before you do one some suggestions on some great first date tips.

I'll leave the link in the description now this next tip I would hope I wouldn't have to tell you but I'm gonna say it anyway just like with anything that you're doing that's important please be on time and to me being on time means being five minutes early it's okay. If she's fascinating late you're the gentleman make sure you're there being on time shows that you're a man that values time and more importantly the time of others. Include your first date please don't be late now one of the things most of us guys fear on that first date is dead spaces or big lulls in the conversation. The great way to avoid this is to pre-plan some first date questions or topics of conversation.

I suggest you write down some questions you'd like to ask and write down some great topics of conversation. This way if you're stuck with something to say, you can fall back on that list now for our next tip is a bit of a piggyback on that you want to have some conversation topics but please whatever you do don't just talk about yourself. Yes you're gonna wear to share some things about you but make sure you're asking her questions, getting to know her letting you know you're interested in what's going on and what's important in her life and trust me if she's interested in getting to know you, she'll ask questions about you. You won't have to focus on talking only about you. She will have a good rule of thumb for everything you say about yourself. Ask her two things about her now because the conversation is getting to know each other is so important on the first date. I've got a couple of more conversation tips the first being ease up on the serious talk about things on the first date to be light fun and easygoing. Please, don't talk about your childhood trauma. This is not the time to talk about how much you want to get married and how many kids you can see each other happy.

Being too serious and too heavy is a big turn-off ease into a big fella. Keep the conversation light and fun which brings me to our next topic please do not talk about money how much you make asking her how much he makes those are conversations for later than alive when you're trying to get serious with one another nobody cares about just six-figure salary. If you're a man of means, it will be a parent you don't have to put on Front Street and once you guys get engaged in talking about getting married then so are your lucky marriage ticket.

The next tip is on the one we just talked about please go easy on the bragging. You don't want to be talking about how successful you are, your fancy car, how you're just a man in these streets. Nothing turns a lady more off than arrogance like I mentioned in the money topic if you're that dude it will be apparent as she gets to know you she'll be able to pick up on the sides. Just how dope you are let her find out for herself don't brag about it next up one list of first date do's and be a gentleman now.

I don't care how much society has changed how much we're supposed to be on equal footing that's cool but trust me a lady still likes to be treated like it's a simple thing. Open the door to pick up the bill on the first date, offer her your jacket if it gets cold, these little things she definitely will notice and here's a bonus tip a lot of guys aren't gentlemen if you are you'll stand out from the bunch. It leads me to my next to being a gentleman includes giving her a few gentlemanly compliments heavy emphasis on gentlemanly compliments you don't need to tell her how nice her rack is and how good her rear end looks in her jeans. Be a little more subtle and be cool.

It's that compliment on something she has on nose an accessory or maybe her shoes or even better yet compliment her smile everyone whether man or woman loves to be complimented including your first date but don't be overly aggressive with the compliments. Be subtle my guy speaking of being subtle and not focusing on her body parts please don't be ultra aggressive or too handsy on the first date. You wanted to go out with her because you're very attracted to her and let the chemistry develop naturally. However, hopefully you chose someone that you want to get to know if the physical is gonna occur.

Forget Drama if Some Tips Don’t Work

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It'll happen when it's supposed to happen just like you. She may be nervous, she may be anxious and what might feel like a compromising position on the first date is a definite no-no subtle gestures such as holding her hand or giving her a kiss on the cheek at the end of the day. Unless the chemistry is hot and super on fire take it easy on the aggressiveness on that first date, and one of the ways to make sure you're making the right moves. On the first date maybe not let the inhibition down too much over drinking the alcohol, drinking too much on the first date is the easy way for you to make a mistake whether consciously or unconsciously.

It's much better to be in control of yourself as much as possible, drinking too much alcohol is an easy way to mess up plus if you take the alcohol too far you might get sloppy drunk. Girlfriends don't need to see that maybe just one or two drinks on the first date and last but not least on my list of the 12 best first date tips.

Whatever you do do not spend time bashing your girlfriend. As a matter of fact avoid the topic at all if you can help no matter how bad your last relationship went and if it was all her fault you're talking about the bad qualities of another woman. It’s a bad way, it's gonna be a red flag to your first date she's gonna be thinking if things don't work out between you and her, is he gonna talk down on me like this.

There's no upside and bashing your ex trust me no matter how much you feel like you want to get it off your chest it doesn't help you on the first date. Like my mom used to always tell us you don't have anything good to say don't say anything okay so there you have it my 12 best first date tips.